One of Australia's leading gaming houses
looking for an identity
Click Management

Standing out in a booming
E-Sports industry

Esports and competitive gaming has quickly become one of the top entertainment industries in recent years. Several talented top gaming influencers have come together to improve skills, compete in teams, and reach broader audiences- all while living together under one roof.

Click Management team is a esports talent company based in Australia. Their style is transparent and approachable. Using humor, video making, and conversational style, Click has attracted a variety of audiences and sponsorships from around the world.

Because each member joined the Click Management team with their own personal branding, there was a lack of branding for the 'Click House' as a whole. The influencer marketing agency made up prime YouTuber talent, award winning gamers, and charismatic Twitch streamers had already gained over one million views average on their content under the new management conglomerate.

Social media was the houses main means of communication. Platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram were regularly used to reach fans and make announcements. When the opportunity came, personal member branding was incorporated in the new Click House brand style.

Inspired by the hues of late night gaming, greens, blues, and distorted effects were the design fundamentals of this brand.